The Women’s Center offers workshops and groups to victims and survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence with the goal of increasing self-awareness and building support systems. To join a group, please call the HELPLINE at 724-775-0131 for an assessment.

Wellness Workshops
Monthly workshops that focus on different aspects of living a healthy life. Some topics include: effects of emotional abuse, self worth, healthy relationships, budgeting, self defense, yoga.

SOLE to SOUL Walking Group
Walking program that meets once a week (May- Aug) to increase self esteem and wellness. The goal is for the group to participate in the Women’s Center Run to Break the Cycle 5K Walk/Run at the end of August.

Therapeutic Gardening Group
This is a self care program that allows clients to experience the benefits of nurturing and getting their hands dirty. They plant, tend to and harvest the garden in a safe and healing environment.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse Group
This therapy support group is offered September through May. It’s for any woman who experienced abuse or trauma as a child or teen; regardless of the type of abuse experienced (sexual, physical, neglect, emotional and/or mental). Often, abused children develop various ways of surviving trauma(s); these coping strategies may create problems later in life. This group is a safe place to learn to develop skills for living, not just surviving.